If there is something that you want, would you get it quicker if

If there is something that you want, would you get it quicker if you asked for it or if you kept silent? Obviously the answer is to ask, correct? We know this, but so often we keep our hopes, desires and dreams to ourselves. We are afraid to ask. Afraid of judgment from others. Afraid of looking foolish. Afraid of not getting what we want. Afraid of disappointment and often we simply don’t feel worthy to ask.

Maybe you have asked before, not gotten what you wanted and lost faith. Boy have I been there before! Check out my AHA moment on Oprah’s Lifeclass

I have learned a lot since then. I remember being so broken and confused. I had always been able to turn situations around in my life. Why couldn’t I make this better? The answer, because I only had faith in me. I was asking in sadness. I was asking in desperation and expecting the answer to look like I wanted it to look. The answer came to me over and over again, but I ignored it thinking my way was better. It would say “let go”. I know now that “letting go” is a significant step in the asking process. Yes, I was “asking”, but I was asking with myself still in the driver’s seat. Here is the key… You must ask in faith. Don’t just believe a little. Believe in absolute faith and live in the joy of it already coming to pass. The last step is to let it go and not judge the way it’s answered. It will always be answered and it might not look like you thought it would, but that certainly doesn’t mean it’s wrong. Say Thank You. I’m in a couple groups on Facebook and one of them is a group of entrepreneurs with 200 members. Entrepreneurs by definition are dreamers and risk takers so one day I asked people to list their dreams so that we could dream them for one another. In this group of 200 dreamers, only about 4 posted. It was interesting to me and I realized that so many of us are just afraid to ask. I get it. I’ve been there, but I’m not there anymore. Don’t keep your dreams and desires trapped inside of you. ASK, ASK, ASK. You are worthy and you will always get an answer. Don’t be afraid of a NO. You could be 3 No’s away from your YES. Keep asking! Don’t be afraid of your light. You were brought here to shine!! What are you asking for?

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