I Lost My Job and I LOVE IT!

Nothing stays the same. Life is constantly changing. Sometimes,

Nothing stays the same.  Life is constantly changing.  Sometimes, when you least expect it, the carpet can get pulled from beneath you and your life that was once on autopilot, has been disengaged, causing you to grab a hold of the wheel again and point yourself in a new direction.

That’s what happened to me a few months ago.  I had gotten pretty comfortable at my sales job for a packaging company.  I was making good money, loved the people I worked with, loved my clients, had a great relationship with my boss and all seemed well.  Then, everything changed in a short amount of time.  Our work environment became super negative under the stress to increase sales, and motivation became shame and fear based.  Well, shame and fear don’t work for me (FYI…they don’t work for anyone!).  When I shared my feelings with management,  I was told that I “needed a thicker skin” and was “too sensitive”.  I knew at that point that it was time for me to move on, but I didn’t have anywhere to go??  I have always known that I wasn’t going to stay in packaging forever and that my true passion is to become a life coach, inspirational speaker and author, but I had put that dream on the back burner while I pursed my other career.  Now, I had a decision to make.  I could play it safe and stay at my job and be unhappy.  I could play it safe and find another job in sales or I could take a risk and start pursuing what I really wanted to do!  Every cell in my body said, “Go for it!  It’s time.”

 Dreams call to you.  I had put this dream on hold, but in January of this year, it started calling to me again.  I heard it and knew it was coming back to life but I didn’t expect it to show up so quickly!!  When my job began falling apart and I was feeling so hurt, confused and afraid, I had a feeling within that reminded me… “there are no mistakes“.  Sometimes when a change shows up out of nowhere and rocks your world, it’s not that you are being punished, you are simply being guided in a different direction.  When I had the realization that this wasn’t happening to me.  It was happening for me, I found so much peace and comfort knowing that all of this was happening in order to get me back where I am supposed to be – following my dream!

And that’s the way it works.  So often we want to judge any kind of change as bad or wrong.  Change can be scary so we push against it and anyone that is causing the change and in that resistance we suffer.  But what if we didn’t judge a change as “wrong”?  What if instead, we welcomed the change KNOWING that there are no mistakes and perhaps what is happening has come to simply point us in a different direction?  What a comforting thought – and it’s true!

So I am excited to announce that I am officially pursuing a career as a certified life coach.  I am going to be working for Mission Oaks Counseling and Wellness Center and I will post all the info once I join the team in a few weeks!! I am also starting a new inspirational YouTube channel and will be posting videos shortly… I remember back to when I first felt so hurt and scared about losing my job.  Why God? How could this be happening?  What did I do wrong?  I was so upset about the whole thing but of course now I see things differently.  Now I see that it all happened for my higher good, but I also know that if I stayed stuck in the blame and shame of the whole thing, I may have missed out on the blessing.  That’s the key – accepting what is and loving what is.  When you accept and love what is (even when it may not looks so great) you stay in peace, get the blessing and keep moving forward. And so I say once more, “I lost my job, and I LOVE it!!”

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