Years and years ago Oprah did a show on "Gratitude". She said

Years and years ago Oprah did a show on “Gratitude”.  She said that when you focus on gratitude, it will change your life!  She introduced her “gratitude journal” and said that every night she writes 5 things she is grateful for during the day and encouraged all of her viewers to do the same.  She said, “What you focus on grows.  Focus on the good things in your life and you will create more of them.”  Well that made sense to me, so along with the millions of others, I ran to the book store, bought myself a “gratitude journal” and started writing.  I loved it! It was my favorite gift to give to a friend as well 🙂  For years, I have kept gratitude journals and it really is a special practice.  You begin to “look” for things to be grateful for and the more you look the more you find.  The truth is, we take so much for granted and don’t even realize it.  We get so used to focusing on our problems (because that’s what about 90% of the population does) that we forget to focus on our blessings.

 What I know for sure is this… If you are struggling with anything in your life, take a second to evaluate what you are focused on.  Remember… what you focus on grows.  When you focus on your sadness, more sadness will appear.  When you focus on lack, more lack.  When you focus on being angry and bitter, it will only get worse.  Never better.  But one thing can turn your life around almost instantly.  Gratitude.  When you count your blessings instead of counting your problems your life will change.  The key is the grateful thoughts have to outweigh the sad thoughts.  When you are focusing 95% of your thoughts on your problems and 5% on gratitude and you don’t see a change, it’s because your focus hasn’t shifted yet.  When gratitude occupies the majority of your thoughts 50%+ there is no way your life won’t shift.  Could you use a boost of happiness, joy and abundance in your life?  Who couldn’t??  Focus on gratitude!  Wake up each morning and let your first thought be “Thank You”.  Repeat it all day long because you have so much to be grateful for and you will be amazed to realize that you created more things to be grateful for.

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