The High Road

All of us have had experiences in our life when we felt

All of us have had experiences in our life when we felt cheated, betrayed, let down, taken advantage of, lied to, etc. It’s not a good feeling. It hurts. Our knee jerk reaction is to hurt back. We live the story over and over in our heads and it gets bigger and we become more upset. We share it with others who validate those feelings and it again becomes bigger and we become even more upset. Our minds scream of injustice and plot revenge. The sadness continues. The anger gets bigger. The resentment grows. I would say that at one point or another it has happened to every single one of us. Unfortunately it is a part of the world we live in. Yuck.

It has certainly happened to me many times. I am someone who loves and trusts BIG. I am someone who is not afraid to be vulnerable. When I give someone my love and trust, it is real. My word truly is my honor. Having that trust broken has been devastating to me at times in my life. What I know now is that we are 100% responsible for our lives and blaming others will get you nowhere. Did that person break my heart? Yes, but who gave it to them to break? We have to own our actions. When we do, we can reset and start over. When we blame someone else, we have to wait for them to accept responsibility and we could wait a long time. Possibly forever. Who has time for that? We have all been told at one time or another to “take the high road”. It is great advice, but not always easy for us to do. Sometimes we think that if we take the high road then that other person will get away with what they did! We want justice and taking the high road lets them off the hook. Not at all. The exact opposite is true. Taking the high road is the only choice. In doing so, you give the universe the power to right your wrongs for you. On the high road, you take responsibility for yourself. You forgive yourself. You move forward faster than you would on any other road. The sad thing is, not a lot of people take the high road. They take the low along with everyone else and are stuck in a huge traffic jam. What happens in a traffic jam… you get nowhere. Take the high road my friends. It’s a lot less crowded and you will fly to where you want to go…

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