This Eye

When I was in college, I loved Edie Brickell. My roommate Tiffany

When I was in college, I loved Edie Brickell.  My roommate Tiffany and I would listen to her CD “Ghost of a Dog” and sing it at the top of our lungs.  It’s a trippy CD but I love every song.  There is a song called “This Eye” that has such a profound message.  The chorus says… “This eye looks with love, this eye looks with judgment, free me take the sight out of this eye.”  I love that and it got me thinking how cool it would be if we could only look at things through the eye of love… what would the world look like?  What would our lives look like?  We are raised and programmed to judge, judge, judge.  Judge others.  Judge situations.  Judge ourselves.  Our judgments are harsh and unkind and they hold us back from who we are meant to be.  They hold us back from connection and block us from love.  Who are we to judge?  Really, who?  I get so upset when I see people judging others for their race or religion or sexuality.  Why are they so cruel??  But then I realize that I am judging those people as well.  Judgment is a two way street.  What I judge judges me back.  Then my ego chimes in to say, “Yes I may be judging them but I am right and they are wrong.” Interesting… another judgment!  It is hard to escape šŸ™

 But what if we could see only see through the eyes of love?  That idea is so incredible to me that it make my head spin!  What if every day we looked at every single other person with love?  What if we looked at every single situation we are in not as “bad” or “good” but just as it is… with love?  What if every single day we looked at ourselves with love?  What if we didn’t hear the judgmental voice that continually reminds us of all of our flaws?  What if we knew we were whole, perfect and complete exactly as we are and that there is nothing to do or change because we are pure LOVE.  What if we looked in the mirror and only saw love?  Wow!  My heart is so full just thinking about it!  I don’t know if I can stop my mind from judging.  I sure wish I could.  I am doing my best to see love in everything and it is making a huge change in my life.  I have added a new mantra to my morning meditation.  It says, “This eye looks with love, this eye looks with judgment.  Free me take the sight out of this eye”.

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